Content is King of the World

A quick word on content marketing…

There is a familiar saying in my industry that goes “Content is king.” With social media, content marketing is more relevant than ever. Businesses are rushing to hire content writers and bloggers. In a time where more than half of America gets their news and information online, with another 75% using social sites to share said information, content is king of the world.

Of course, with the abundance of information readily available at the click of a mouse, content marketing becomes a double edged sword. The world has caught on, so how does your content float above the rest?

The solution? Create engaging content. Don’t create bland content because you feel like you should; create exciting content because it’s something that’s exciting to either you or your target audience. If you wouldn’t want to read a whole blog post about it, why would your target audience and customers?

Dare to be engaging, dare to be exciting, dare to be different.

Use content as a way to set yourself apart from the rest, not because it’s a trend you think you should follow.