Chris Reeves – Dallas Creative Agency

Name:  Chris Reeves

What do you do at 2930 Creative? I am the president and co-founder.

What is your favorite word? Pizza. It’s my favorite word because that means I’m about to eat pizza.

What does Creativity mean to you? Creativity is using your imagination to its fullest. I think a lot of people think of acting like a kid as a negative. But to a creative person, acting like a kid is a positive. Professional creativity has to be harnessed a little, but you always have to remember how to be a kid. That’s why I like watching cartoons.

When you are not working, what do you like to do? I like to watch basketball, play video games, take my dogs to the park, and go to the movies when I’m not working.

Tell us more about your experience. I received my BA in Creative Advertising from the University of North Texas. I have worked with many local and national brands such as Hilton, Marriott, Doubletree, Cinemark, Traxxas, Michaels and Mary Kay. I have a passion for design, mobile web and business. I believe in always doing my best while empowering clients to do be able to do theirs.

What is your Twitter handle? What do you like to tweet about? @iamcoolc I like to tweet about creativity, businesses, entrepreneurship, basketball, stuff that’s funny, supporting my friends and colleagues, and music.

2930 Creative is a Dallas Creative Agency focused on website development, mobile apps and design.