5 Skillshare Classes We Love

With the ever changing needs of the marketing and advertising communities (think about it, 10 years ago would you need to make custom graphics for each social media page?), the demand for continued education is growing. Skills that may have carried you through one job might make you under-qualified for another. There are several ways to continue your education and improve your skill set without breaking the bank. Check out the course catalog for adult learning at your nearest community college. That’s how I learned how to use Photoshop last year.

Another option might be to use one of the many online sites that specialize in online learning. Two of our favorites are Code Academy, which teaches basic coding at your own speed, and Skillshare, which for a small amount will connect you with a professional instructor’s class. These classes are often offered for a fraction of the price of a college course, and provide a catalog of videos to watch and learn at your own pace. The instructor is a professional in the field that you are learning about, and make themselves accessible online for Q&A and discussion time

Here are some of our favorite Skillshare classes right now:

Beyond the Logo: Crafting a Brand Identity

You will learn the difference between a brand identity and a brand, brand identity basics, the building blocks of an identity system, an overview of how elements work together to support and enhance a logo, considerations for print and digital media, choosing a color palette, choosing typography, develop a library of supporting graphic elements, and organizing elements into a single presentation for your client.

Cost: $20.00

Logo Design: Let the Type do the Talking

The class is separated into three units that will teach a brief history of type and how to choose correctly for your audience, type research and sketching, digitizing, adding texture and finalizing your logo.

Cost: $20.00

Build an HTML and CSS Website From Scratch

From the course description: “This class is perfect for anyone with a great website idea or just an interest in learning how to code. This is a beginner-level class so if you have basic computer literacy and an internet connection, you’re all set. Learn at your own pace.

You’ll leave this class with the skills to create your very own stylish, professional, and responsive website.”

Cost: $40.00

Beautiful Plastic: Creating a Great Designer Toy

This is a personal favorite because the instructor is none other than Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz. In this class, Paul will share his experiences with Kidrobot and help students design their own toy. Highlights of the class include a history of designer toys from 1998 to present, what makes a designer toy a designer toy, and how to sketch and design your own toy including some design tips from Paul.

Cost: $19.00 (comes with a free Kidrobot toy coupon)

Typographic Layouts: Create Layouts for Content Heavy Websites and Apps

From the course description:  ”Considering sites like Reuters or the new iteration of New York Times and USA Today we can see how the web is shifting towards typographic compositions where the content is king and the user interface is minimal but relevant. During this  course we will learn how to structure an effective layout for a splash page and a news article template. We will go through the basics of responsive design, grid composition and using typography to build the visual hierarchy of the composition.

This class will teach you how to  make an effective use of typography when creating a layout.”

Cost: $20.00

Most courses on Skillshare are less than $50.00, with many less than $20.00. If you are interested in learning more about a subject that you aren’t familiar with, see if there’s a class available on Skillshare first. We wish you luck, and can’t wait to hear about what you learn.