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This week on Get To Know 2930 we are highlighting our Vice President Carly Reeves! Being the VP for 2930 Carly takes care of things like managing expenses, making sure bills get paid, looking for networking opportunities for the team, organizing activities, managing a few accounts, and doing a lot of other things related to the operations side of the business. She is a very busy woman!

But she loves 2930 more than anything. The reason Carly and Chris (her husband) started 2930 was because they saw the way that clients were being treated at other advertising agencies and thought they could do better. They decided to quit their jobs there and start up their own agency. “We wanted to create a place where people felt safe to bring their big ideas,” said Carly.

Carly is from Cleveland, Ohio, but was born in Salem, Massachusetts. She attended college at Kent State University and Miami University of Ohio. She wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted to do in college, “so I found myself just taking classes because they sounded cool. So that resulted in taking a lot of different courses like Italian Cinema, Native American Studies, and Studying the Bible as a Historical Text.” She learned about marketing while working for startups as a marketing coordinator.

Carly’s favorite part about being the VP is that she gets to decide how our office looks and decide on the tone of the brand. “Writing our mission statement and four foundation principles was also a great part of building this business! I think overall, laying the groundwork for something that generates revenue and provides jobs has been the best part of being a VP.”

Some fun facts about Carly are: she was only planning on staying in Texas for three months, but now lives here! She knows how to ride both English and Western styles of horseback riding. She also loves superheros of any kind, and will see any superhero movie, even if it looks dumb. Some of her favorite activities include traveling and reading books. Her goal is to always read more pages than she did the year before. And finally she loves trivia, and claims to be the best at it!

We hope you enjoyed another Get To Know 2930 segment here on our blog! Stay tuned and get to know more of our team members in our next installment.



This week on our “Get to know 2930” series we are highlighting Josh Duke, 2930’s Content Director. Josh is in charge of making sure that everything that is written is up to standards. He also helps brainstorm ideas to reach new audiences for our clients, works on the company newsletter, and also answers any questions about writing that the team may have. Josh’s favorite part about a new project for 2930 is getting something new to write about! Josh loves researching and really getting to know the client. Josh’s favorite part about being on the 2930 Creative team is the people. “The team always makes me laugh and we cheer each other up when we’re having bad days. It truly feels like a family!”

Josh was born in the Northeast, but moved to Flower Mound, TX when he was in elementary school. So even though he often says he is a Yankee, he has lived most of his life in the great state of Texas. Josh graduated from Southern Methodist University here in Dallas where he received his degree in English/Creative Writing and a minor in German Language.

A fun fact that most people do not know about Josh is that Josh and Chris (The President of 2930) were best friends before the company even started. So Josh has truly seen how far 2930 has grown since the beginning, and has been with us through every step of the way.

Like all of us here at 2930 we nerd out about certain things, and Josh’s nerd out is both board games and video games! His wife’s family never played board games, so he has slowly managed to win her over, and now she loves them as well. Their favorite game is Sentinels of the Multiverse, Walking Dead board game, and King of Tokyo. They are also both obsessed with the LEGO video game as well.

We hoped you enjoyed another 2930 team spotlight! Stay tuned to see who our next employee spotlight will be!


Josh talks about what he learned as a cancer survivor.

# Josh talks about what he learned as a cancer survivor.

Today is a very important day for me. Today, I am a five-year survivor of cancer. Ask anyone who had cancer and they’ll explain why this is an important day. The medical profession uses five year benchmarks in a variety of metrics, from survival rates to recurrences. It’s a day of celebration, and it’s also a day of reflection on five years that have had highs and lows and many more lessons.

It’s my intention to share some of this accrued wisdom with you. I am 27 years old, a husband, a business partner, a brother, a friend to many–and a cancer survivor (It’s nice being able to add that to the list of titles). You don’t have to take this advice at face value; in fact, I would love to talk more about any of these observations on Twitter or email. I don’t have as much experience as some or the knowledge of others, but I do have these successes, and I think that these accomplishments happened because I believed in these following truths:

5) Admit When You Need Help

This piece of wisdom actually saved my life. I had testicular cancer, which is more common in young men. It is also one of the most treatable, particularly if the cancer is caught in stage 1 (99% survival rate for stage 1), but in order to treat it, you first have to realize that something is wrong and, more importantly, have to swallow your pride and seek help.

Speaking broadly, asking for help can be incredibly difficult, but doing so can also change your life. It can solve a problem you’re facing and help expose problems you didn’t even know you had. Having another opinion can make a fundamental difference, but perhaps more poignantly, knowing when to ask for help makes you a more well-rounded, humble person.

4) Don’t Let Your Troubles Define You

Whenever something traumatic happens in a life, it’s easy to point to that moment as a turning point in your life. These moments change who we are, make us think differently, and live differently. But it is important to not let these moments of sadness take over our lives.

After the operation, I spent weeks terrified of what had happened. What-ifs filled my head: what if they missed some of the tumor? What if I can’t have kids? What if the cancer comes back? What if I hadn’t caught the tumor in time? It’s important to learn how to silence your worries. Meditation, talking to someone (a professional or a loved one), or various other coping methods are helpful not just for survivors of bad events, but for everyone who ever faces troubles.

3) At the Same Time, Learn from Your Past

One of my favorite recent reads is Dark Eden by Chris Beckett. In this sci-fi tale, the main cast of characters are constantly facing troubles and impossible odds, and one of the main characters takes up the expression “We really are here,” which quickly becomes the refrain for the whole novel. This phrase resonates with me: while we don’t want our troubles to define who we are, it’s important to realize that we really are here, in the present, and we only got here because of where we’ve come from.

No one has lived the same life as you. You are entirely unique and will be unique for the remainder of time. You can relate to others, and thanks to the Internet we can share experiences easier than ever, but ultimately, you have to take the time to reflect on your journey, what has kept you alive (and hopefully successful), and what you need to do to either find or fight for that success.

2) Live Presently

Have you ever woken up Monday, blinked, and headed out to happy hour on Friday with friends? What happened to your week? What were the highs? What were the lows? It’s very easy to live a 9-5 life, to fall into the Netflix binge routine, to plop down in front of a video game console and power away the hours.

Don’t be a passive observer in your life. Break up the monotony of your daily routine. Go for a walk. Pass up on your favorite restaurant to try something new, even if it’s not as good. Go to some place new. Make memories and put down your phone: live in the moment and not for the Instagram shares. This all sounds really heavy-handed, but let me use my cancer card this once. Remember: we really are here, folks. Make the most of it

1) Find the Things in your Life Worth Fighting for and Fight

When I was diagnosed with cancer, it made me evaluate the things in my life that were most important to me: 1) my partner Rachel, 2) my family and friends, 3) and my job.

I considered the things I needed to change and made those changes. 1) I asked Rachel to marry me as soon as I could because I knew I couldn’t live without her. 2) I was unhappy with my lack of a social life so I put myself out there and made friends with as many people as I could. 3) When Carly and Chris offered me a partnership at 2930 Creative, I realized that I wanted nothing more than the adventure of being a business owner, so I left my comfortable job to take on a challenge that I knew would bring me more happiness.

You know the obstacles in your life better than anyone. Some of these will be easy to fix. Some will feel almost insurmountable. Just remember, you can rely on others (see piece of advice number 5) and can ask for help. But if there’s something in your life that you believe is essential, than treat it as such. Fight for it like a drowning man fights for air. Make every move in your life with your goals in the back of your mind, and I think you’ll discover a greater sense of purpose.

I’m sure you have your own five truths that you believe are essential for everyone to know, and we would love to hear them. Post them in our comments, send us an email, join our conversation on Facebook because we love reading what everyone has to say. One of the things that has made 2930 Creative a successful, award-winning agency in such a short period of time is genuine interest in people and eagerness to listen instead of just talking. So what truths have helped guide you through life?


Today on our “Get to Know 2930” series we are highlighting our 2930 Creative Project Manager Jen Eaton. Being the project manager Jen is in charge of multiple things that go on here at 2930, but she mainly focuses on helping to communicate with clients and making sure they get exactly what they want. Jen’s favorite part about working with 2930 is the team collaboration. “At any time, I can pull team members into a project to bounce ideas off of them. We have a really solid group of experts in varying fields that work together well. We get to have fun and work with passion. It shows in the work we do.”

Jen loves being the project manager for 2930 because she loves to keep things organized and structured. This attention to detail helps ensure that all of 2930’s clients receive great care. She also loves seeing a project go from an idea to completion. “There is nothing greater than having a client that is proud of the work that you’ve done for them. I love helping businesses achieve their dreams.”

And of course, like all team members here at 2930, Jen has a few things that she geeks out about. They are her awesome husband Corey and her little tornado of a boy Hudson who is now almost three years old! Jen also nerds out about baseball (Texas Rangers), Crossfit, tracking storms, and Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines.

We hope you enjoyed another 2930 team spotlight. Our team is comprised of talented individuals, each with their own unique personalities and skills. Together, however, we’re an award-winning team that does great work in Dallas and beyond. Stay tuned to see who our next employee spotlight will be.



The Newbie

Being now a junior in college, I realize “adult life” is starting to kick in and will become my real life. It scares most everyone I know half to death! People graduating this year were saying, “I have to find a job, I don’t know where I am going to go after this!” And of course listening to all of this, my mind is freaking out and not wanting to graduate because of the horror stories I am hearing even as a sophomore. It terrifies me.

One day I was sitting in my dorm room wondering what I was going to do for this coming summer for an internship. God heard my prayers and lead me to the beautiful website of 2930 Creative. I had never even tried to look up advertising agencies before, but thought maybe I would want to get a foot in the door to see if I would really love it. I emailed Chris and things just started rolling! I was amazed with all of the opportunities that I would be able to be apart of with this company. Every time I would get off the phone with Chris, or even after I meet him and Carly for the first time over spring break, I would have to pinch myself to see if this was real life. I wondered how was this opportunity even possible. I could not wait for the summer to come, and for me to start my new internship with them. I was not scared at all.

The first day I came into the office I was of course a little nervous, just like the first day of any new job. Chris and Carly were so awesome and sweet and made my first day awesome. Working with them, I saw that they really took the time to help me learn about this world of advertising and want me to take away some great experience from this internship.

I think this openness isn’t something you find everywhere you go. They answer any questions that I may have, and really took me on as part of the 2930 team. And not just Chris and Carly, but the whole team. They are all so awesome and help me learn so much. I am so beyond blessed to work with such an awesome agency and with such awesome people. They definitely made the “adult world” not scary at all to me.


Check out the 2930 Creative Instagram feed this summer. I’ll be posting pictures about 2930 Creative and agency life during my internship.

Emily hanging out with one of her neighborhood peacocks.

# Emily hanging out with one of her neighborhood peacocks.

This year we hired our first intern! Emily will be interning with us throughout this summer. She will be helping us around the office and with our social networks. We are also very excited as this is the inaugural year of our intern program. We could not have asked for a better intern than Emily to start this program. Her shining personality and awesome ideas have been a much needed addition to our daily routine. I asked Emily a few questions about advertising and her internship. Read ahead to get to know Emily!

What are you majoring in at school?

I am majoring in Advertising and PR at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri.

How did you find 2930 Creative?

I really wanted to be a part of a creative team. I did a Google search and found the 2930 website. I thought the website and the team looked really cool so I sent an email about interning.

What are you most excited about for your internship?

I am most excited about the knowledge that I’ll get. I have already learned so much in a month. Because 2930 is not huge, I get to have my hands on a lot of aspects of the campaigns.

What do you love the most about advertising?

I love that we can take something from nothing, and then turn it into something that no one has thought about before.

What do you nerd out for? 

I nerd out for Parks and Recreation, Settlers of Catan, rom coms, Scandal, shopping and coffee!

Look out for Emily’s posts on the 2930 social networks. She will be taking over our Instagram feed this summer, and occasionally posting on Twitter

Ashley and her husband Eric with their golden retriever!

# Ashley and her husband Eric with their golden retriever!

Here at 2930 Creative we have a team full of different characters! Today we are highlighting our very talented Art Director Ashley Smith. As the Art Director for 2930 Ashley deals with anything related to design. She collaborates with the clients and the team to make sure that the visual communication for the designs are all complete and to everyone’s liking, especially the client’s. Ashley design work includes logos, branding collateral, ads, website comps, social media graphics, brochures, and more. Her favorite part about each project is, “coming up with the creative solution to help our clients’ businesses succeed.”

A little background about Ashley: she has been doing graphic design for as long as she can remember. While growing up she loved computer games that were art based or just playing around with Microsoft Paint for hours at a time. Ashley’s mom was also a graphic designer, and she taught Ashley how to use Photoshop when she was just in middle school. You could say graphic design runs in the family. Ashley graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in graphic design. “At first it was just a hobby. Then in college it became a passion, and now a career. I’ve always wanted a career where I could help people, and I love that design lets me use art to do just that.”

Ashley’s favorite part about working for 2930 is the people that she gets to work with every day. I guess she thinks we are all pretty awesome in our own nerdy way! Of course, Ashley is a little nerdy herself, and some of her favorite hobbies include DIY projects, raising golden retrievers, eating sweet potato fries, and spending time with her handsome husband Eric.

We hope you enjoyed the first of our employee spotlights as you got to know Ashley. Stay tuned to see the next person who will be highlighted!

don't panic

Google’s algorithm changes promise a big shake-up for mobile rankings. 

Today, Google is updating their search algorithm to favor mobile-friendly websites over websites that are not optimized for mobile. The change makes sense, as 60% of all website traffic now comes from mobile users. However, it will affect many small businesses who have not yet had the opportunity to update their website for mobile viewing. If you believe your website is not mobile friendly, don’t panic. We’re here to answer some of your questions and give you some tips on how to move forward.

What is mobile-friendly, according to Google?

A mobile-friendly website is a site that is optimized for viewing on a tablet or smartphone. Google will be changing their algorithm to favor sites that are considered mobile-friendly. This includes readability, easy-to-click links, large text and responsive design. Google’s Webmaster Tools also has a very handy quick tool to use to make sure that your website meets these requirements.

What is responsive design, and how do I check to see if my site is responsive?

A responsive website design means that the site will readjust its size depending on the screen size on which it is being viewed. Images and text realign for better viewing on smaller screens. Below is an example of one of our client websites.


Full Size


Responsive Size

To find out if your current website is responsive, use an app like Screenfly to view multiple screen sizes and resolutions. Simply enter your website domain URL and use the toolbar to test various popular tablet and smartphone sizes on the market.

My site is definitely not mobile-friendly. What do I do now?

You will experience a change in your mobile search traffic today. (Sources from Google say that this will NOT affect your desktop traffic). There are a few ways that you can fix the problem, and better prepare yourself for further changes. A site redesign on a CMS such as is a great way to build a responsive mobile-friendly website while on a budget. If you are on the WordPress platform and your site is not friendly, there are a few plugins that you can use to make your site responsive. If your site is not on WordPress, talk to your webmaster about how you can make your website more mobile-friendly.

2930 Creative builds beautiful responsive websites. All of our websites go through 23-point audits to make sure that they are easily viewed across a variety of desktop screen sizes, mobile devices, and tablets. Contact us today to talk about your website!

internet advertising competition

2930 Creative won an IAC Award

Wow. I can’t believe I just typed that.

We just found out we won an IAC award and we’re all freaking out. Carly always says as a company we are small but mighty. To me, this proves that.

We didn’t need this to validate our first three years as a company. We didn’t need this to feel better about our work.  We definitely didn’t need this to boost sales. All that aside, it feels pretty good to be able to call ourselves an award-winning agency. (Wow! The first time I have written that.)

Can’t help but feel like David taking down Goliath. There are 7 of us now which is nothing close to size of many of the agencies and organizations up for this award.

A lot of our work from the past year has been great and just as good as this campaign. The story of how this campaign came together is one that is especially cool to me. It took 8 months, from a handshake at SXSW into what you see today. There were many meetings, decisions, conversations, and many, many hours of pro bono work before we were asked to work on this larger campaign.

Here’s the short version:

Josh has been passionate about working with Extra Life since he joined 2930 Creative. We had a 2930 Extra Life marathon team for a few years. Early last year we met JR Honeycutt and started doing some pro bono work for DFW Nerd Night. He introduced us to Stefani D’Angelo and the local Dallas chapter of Extra Life. We met with the local program director and saw a few things we could help them with as part of our Give Back initiative. We offered to help anyway we could as pro bono work because we believed in the cause. A few weeks later we met the president of Extra Life at SXSW Gaming. He asked to set a meeting with all of us. Unfortunately, we were never able to get that scheduled.


We continued with the local campaign anyway. We met for months and worked on many ideas. We weren’t sure how we would find time to create this campaign since it was pro bono. We hired John Oakley, a freelance designer and photographer, to execute the ideas while we worked on other things. We had found our answer to the time problem. Finally after months we showed those ideas to our local contact. Those ideas for the local branch made their way up to the national Extra Life office in Utah.

The national office reached out and asked for a few revisions because they’d like to use them. We were stoked. The meeting we couldn’t get scheduled months before was finally happening. A few weeks later they said they had a national campaign coming up and wanted to hire us to work on it; a totally new idea from the pro-bono campaign we previously did.

The timing of that offer was awful. Carly and I had just gotten married. We were supposed to go on our honeymoon the week they needed everything finished. Ashley was in the middle of buying a house.

Ultimately we all decided to just make it work. We postponed our trip by a week and Ashley continued working around all paperwork as she and her husband closed on their house. For an already small agency, large life events just make creative work that much more challenging.

Extra Life had a pretty demanding turn around with a lot of required assets but we were determined to make the most of this.


Our team absolutely delivered. It’s easy to say all of this now that we have won an award, but even when we finished it we were all extremely proud. This was the first campaign we had all worked on as a team. We had barely hired everyone on at that point, so it’s still crazy to look back and say “We did this, and we did it together.”

My advice for small agencies wanting award-winning campaigns:

1. Don’t chase the award, chase the project and the work. The award will follow. We loved the Extra Life cause and the people who work hard every day to help children and their families. Working on this campaign was an honor and a privilege.

2. Don’t be afraid to take on pro-bono work. So many agencies shy away from helping nonprofit organizations. Had we not devoted some of our time volunteering, the larger opportunities would have never come our way. Giving Back and Being Kind will always be rewarded.

3. Be persistent and patient! Had we not kept working with and talking to the local Extra Life team, the project would have never left the ground. Our relationship with Extra Life might have ended after SXSW last year.

4. Lean into the challenge. A wedding, a first home, and an almost complete remote team with a thousand of miles between us (HQ in Dallas, Ashley in OKC, and Josh in Tallahassee) could have killed this campaign. Carly and I realized that we could postpone our road trip, but this was an opportunity that absolutely could not wait. We all pushed forward and gave it our absolute best. The results were more than any of us could have hoped.

5. Be proud, no matter what size your agency is or what budget you may have. Be proud of your team, be proud of your accomplishments, and be proud of your work.

We are so excited for our first award as an agency. Thank you for your continued support. We hope to bring more exciting news in the future.

If you’re new to our blog, check out our media kit or contact us here.

instagram strategy

Learn how you can create an Instagram strategy that connects with customers and tells a story about your brand.

Like so many social media platforms, Instagram can be a daunting endeavor for a small brand. It’s hard enough to remember to post on Facebook and Twitter, much less remember to post pictures on Instagram. However, did you know that Instagram boasts the highest brand engagement rate? At 4.21%, Instagram’s brand engagement rate soars over both Facebook and Twitter. Visual brands like GoPro and National Geographic use Instagram’s visual interface to generate original content. Retail-driven brands like Starbucks leverage their active fanbase to share user-generated content. At 2930 Creative, we use our Instagram account to share more about our culture. What narrative will your brand create using Instagram? Here are some helpful tips to create an Instagram strategy unique to your brand’s story

What story will you tell?

As with any content strategy, knowing the story you want to tell is important. Do you want to chronicle your travels? Do you want to highlight your customers? Or maybe you are a retailer that wants to show off different ideas for your product? Developing a narrative will allow you to create a cohesive thread that pulls your separate posts together.

To determine a narrative, take some time to think about your brand. What does your brand value? What is important to your brand? What do you want customers to know about you? Play some word association with different elements of your branding identity. With your product or service at the core, what does the culture around your brand look like? Brainstorm some of these ideas and write them out. This will be the bare bones of your Instagram strategy.

Who are you telling your story to? Your target audience on Instagram may be slightly different than it would be on Twitter or Facebook. Much like Pinterest users, Instagram users are more immediately ready to buy products and interact with brands based on their wants. Who are the people that are most likely to buy into your brand? Think about what they want to see, and think about how they can help you generate content that you can share.

If your fan base is millennials and you are a furniture store, think about the things that they want to see. Millennials are renters, and some are new home buyers. Think about things like decorating in smaller spaces or ways to create storage space. If your fan base is teenage girls and you are a skateboard company that wants to appeal to teen girls, you might consider highlighting female athletes to whom they can relate.

User-generated content is a great way to let your avid fans help you with your storytelling. Ask them to share pictures with your product. If you have a theme going (maybe Fearlessness for that skateboard shop?), ask them to show ways that highlight the brand and the theme. Share their posts on your Instagram page and mention them. Posts that have @mentions (when another Instagram user is mentioned) receive 56% higher engagement than those that do not.

What is your desired end result? What is the desired end-goal for your Instagram strategy? Do you want more views on your website? Do you want to sell more product? Do you want greater awareness for your brand and the culture that surrounds your brand? Determining your goals will also help you to guide your strategy.

If your goal is to direct more traffic back to the website, make sure that a link is clearly visible in the profile. Instagram’s anti-spam policies do not allow for links to be posted in picture descriptions and comments. Refer to the profile link if you are directing users to your website.

If your goal is to sell more product, then highlight your product in your posts. However, rather than posting pictures of your product from different angles and in different lighting, think about how your product relates to your customers. If you sell candy or baked goods, maybe appeal to brides and photograph your product in wedding settings like showers or reception dessert tables. If your brand is a local pet shop, you could show pets in different parks around the city or fun pet tricks with your product in the photo or video. Finally, if your goal is to create a culture around your brand, let the culture speak for itself. Create user-driven content promotions that allow your users to interact with your brand. A picture of a happy customer with your product speaks loudly. Consider this when creating your strategy!

The Technical Stuff

Now that you have determined your strategy, you will need the tools to implement it and allow it to grow. Using these tactics will help your brand get found, and make it easier for your customers to understand how to interact with your brand.

Hashtags: Just like Twitter, hashtags are an easy way to categorize your posts and help you be found by your target audience. Research your Instagram hashtags using websites like Iconosquare. This post from Shopify has some amazing tips about how to research relevant keywords for your brand.

Follow Campaigns: Another way to find your audience is by searching for them. On Twitter and on Instagram, I like to use a method called “Follow the follower.” I research like-brands that are similar to mine or my clients, and follow their followers. Another way that I find followers is by researching brands that may not be similar to my brand, but whose followers are in my target audience. For example, I follow many businesses that follow the Chamber of Commerce accounts in the area. These are mostly small businesses that are the target audience for 2930 Creative. 


It’s all around you. ☕️❤️ #Regram: @NatalieCherie


A photo posted by Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks) on

Mentions: As we mentioned earlier, Instagram posts with @mentions receive dramatically higher engagement rates than those without them. There are a few ways to employ this in your strategy. The first is highlighting your employees in your posts. This is a great method if much of your focus is on your company culture. If you are active and attend events, you might want to give “shoutouts” to other businesses and people that you meet at events. If your strategy includes user-driven content, this is where you can ask your fans to create pictures for you. You can repost your customer’s pictures and mention them directly.

Calendar: Instagram does not let you schedule ahead. It’s another way that the platform avoids getting too spammy. I like to take pictures ahead of time and store them on my Google Drive with corresponding dates. I then insert links to these pictures on the content calendar so I know which picture will go on which date, and with what messaging. Planning ahead of time will allow you to retain the cohesive narrative for your strategy. Posting on the fly is ok sometimes, but can get off-message. By using a content calendar, you will save yourself time in the long run and keep your Instagram posting consistent.

In my opinion, Instagram is the most fun of the platforms. It allows brands to show their more creative sides. Instagram also allows the customer to understand what your brand means to their life specifically. Is it a dream life they want to have? Is it practical uses for things they need? By creating a visual narrative on Instagram, you can appeal other senses. We are so excited to see what your brand will do with Instagram. Good luck and most of all: have fun!

Have questions? Give us shout. You can also find our Instagram by following us at @2930_creative.

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Hendrik de Vries

2930 is loaded with talent. But that's not even the best part about working with them. The best part is that they listen to the needs of their customers (which is rare these days). They keep the process simple and create great work. Best web design agency I've worked with.


Hendrik de Vries

2930 Creative, Internet Web Hosting, Dallas, TX

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